The safety of our students is our first priority, and we are pleased to provide our school family with transportation services to and from school. Please help your child understand the importance of following the rules; riding the bus is a privilege, and we want it to be a safe experience for everyone.

Riding the Bus

We provide transportation through Teton Stage Lines to all students in grades K–8 who reside within 15 miles by road of the school at no charge. We provide this service before and after school, but we do not have a midday run for our kindergarten students. 

Riding the bus is a privilege, and we expect our students to assist district staff in ensuring that buses remain in good condition and to help ensure safe transportation by adhering to behavioral standards established by school transportation. Students who compromise the safety of others will lose the privilege of riding the bus.

Bus Rider Authorization

We require all bus riders to enroll on the bus roster with our school transportation coordinator. Please contact us to complete this process. Unenrolled students may not ride the bus. Do not contact Teton Stage Lines for authorization.

Changing Bus Plans
Bus Stop Pick Up
School Pick-Up/Drop-Off