Application & Registration

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Starting kindergarten is such an exciting time for our young learners. We accept applicants who are at least five years old on or before September 1 of the school year in which they start kindergarten.


Monticello holds a lottery on or before April 30 of each year to establish the waiting list order of entrance for the upcoming school year. We fill all openings during the school year according to the order established by that lottery. A disinterested third party conducts the lottery selection in a public forum. Over-enrollment procedures will be conducted according to the requirements as set out in Idaho statute 33-5205 as well as any rule adopted by the Idaho State Board of Education or Idaho Public Charter School Commission that is applicable to student lotteries held by public charter schools, and according to the process described under “Exceptions Approved by Commission Staff.” Final selection lists for a given school year shall not roll over to a subsequent school year, and we develop our list based on the Equitable Selection Process outlined in Subsection 203.09 of the Administrative Rules Governing Charter Schools.

  • We randomly select all available seats for students between the ages of five and 14.
  • One application accepted per family with all siblings listed.
  • We will make one family index card with all siblings listed.
  • We pull all Founder cards and label these with a "B." If the number of Founder children exceeds 10% of the student population, we will randomly select the cards.
  • We will place all other cards in a box and pull randomly.
  • We sequentially number and label each individual child on the family index card with a "C."
  • We continue to randomly pull cards until we fill all seats.
  • Identifying all siblings on a single family card makes the lottery process more efficient by eliminating the redundancy of searching for siblings in the stack of cards. This process is also more equitable since families with large numbers of children have an equal chance of having their card pulled as a family with only one child.
  • Each subsequent year, Monticello will follow this same process with new openings and a potentially broader age range.