Monticello Montessori Public Charter School

Monticello Montessori is a tuition-free, public charter school providing a high-quality Montessori education to children in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Located in Ammon, Idaho, we serve students in Bonneville, Jefferson, and Bingham counties.

A Message from Our Administrator

Erica Kemery, Administrator

Dear Monticello Families,

We want to keep everyone informed about the plans Monticello has for school starting this fall. Our parent and staff survey last month showed clearly that most parents want their children to return to school this fall. You can see the survey result on our Facebook page, or contact the office; we are happy to send the results to you. Our plan is for all our students to be able to return to school in person this fall.

The survey also showed that some students may choose to learn from home due to health concerns or for other reasons this fall. We are intentionally planning for flexibility to accommodate all our students’ needs. Monticello is the leading public Montessori school in Idaho and is now leading Idaho in online Montessori learning. We are here to support your family in the best way we can. Our fellow Montessorians nationwide have pooled their strengths to help everyone make the shift from in-person only hands-on learning to also delivering high quality remote hands-on learning, Montessori-style. This is an exciting time of opportunity in Montessori methods for us as educators!

The survey also revealed that some families found they needed better computer access for their students to go forward with remote learning. Monticello will be making changes so that all our students schooling from home will have access to the technology they need to succeed every day.

There were a few parents with concerns about sanitizing and cleaning to reduce contagion when students are onsite or on the bus. Monticello has purchased up to date sanitizing equipment and EPA approved cleaning materials and has changed its custodial routines to make sure that all facilities are clean and safe for all our students and staff.

We currently have an advisory committee of parents and staff members working hard to present plans to the board of directors for just how school will look in the fall, with alternate scenarios in case the pandemic situation changes. As soon as we finalize and approve the reopening plan details, we will post copies for everyone to see. 

Keeping school open for everyone every day is our goal. It will take a community-wide commitment to abide by current health guidelines to reduce all the risks we can. Working together as a team, we will overcome the challenges ahead and limit the impacts of the pandemic on our daily lives. Montessori education is all about the development of the individual, for the purpose of peace in the person and peace in the world. Working together we can promote that honorable cause.

Wishing you kind regards for a delightful and safe summer,

Kind Regards,

Erica Kemery

Erica Kemery